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  • 590 Kingston Road
    SW20 8DN London
  • +44 7472 420 989
  • Website

Galitsyna Art Group

Galitsyna Art Group - The Best Visual Art Show Studio in the UK

  • Sand * Snow * Light animation live show 
  • Speed painting live show

Let us take your guests on a wonderful journey and tell your story using our beautiful sand animation. Each show is tailored to your unique taste and preferences. Our talented artists will make sure that your special day will be memorable and spectacular.

Your project will be supervised by Tetiana Galitsyna herself:

  • The Icon of Sand Animation
  • The Winner of Got Talent Show
  • The Founder and Creative Director of gag

Wedding day live show 

This is your special day which you are sharing with the most important people in your life. Using the Galitsyna Art Show’s beautiful animation you can share with all your guests not only this day but also your wonderful Love Story from the moment when you met your partner until your Big Day! You can also use it to say “Thank you” and send your love to your amazing parents.

About Galitsyna art group 

  • We have successfully carried out over 3000 Visual Art Shows at the world’s most prominent venues
  • Our shows have been staged in 32 countries on 5 continents
  • Our artists are winners of 7 international and 19 national competitions
  • We have taken part in 38 tv shows
  • We have 10 years of experience in performing visual art

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Galitsyna Art Group in summary

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  • Artist